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12 Months
from 1375 PLN per month
01st October - 30th of September
10 Months
from 1525 PLN per month
01st October - 31th of July
5 Months
from 1600 PLN per month
01st October - 28th of February
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University life is not all about studying. It's about the people you meet, the places you hang out at but more importantly the place you live in.

Choosing the right accommodation isn't easy, especially when you move into a completely new city.

We have done some research for you and have found the following options when it comes to student accommodation in most academic cities in Poland.


Public universities often offer dormitory beds to their students. However, those places can be limited, so it is important to apply as soon as university acceptance is received.

Price range: from 120 EUR/month (place in a twin room).


Most of the private universities in Poland do now own dormitories, but they may cooperate with private dormitories, hostels, municipality dorms or private apartment owners in order to provide their students with places to stay. The University's Admission office will inform you about the available options.

Price range: from 250 EUR/month (place in a single or double room).


Private dormitories offer great comfort of living, however the prices are usually higher than in the dormitories belonging to the state universities. The rooms are usually single or double, en suite bathrooms are also offered by some providers.

Price range: from 200 EUR/month (place in a double room) up to 450 EUR/month (mini studio with en suite bathroom).


Some students may prefer to share apartments with a community of other international students or young professionals. This kind of accommodation offers more privacy, allows to choose various locations within a city and requires cooperation with other Tenants in terms of cleaning and cooking. Single and twin rooms are available.

Price range: from 200 EUR/month (place in a double room) up to 400 EUR/month (single room).


Renting out the entire apartment can be the most expensive accommodation option, but at the same time, the most convenient one, especially if you are a private person who doesn't like to share their living space.

Price range: from 600 EUR/month (studio apt.).

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